Chaudhry Azam Ali
Chairman / CEO
Azam International School System & College is moving ahead under the managerial control of Azam Education Welfare Society (AEWS), a non-political and non-governmental welfare organization registered with the Government of Punjab, actively engaged in providing quality education and state of the art facilities to the rural population, in particular. It is providing basic educational facilities, with close association and active participation of the local community.

At this time, I feel proud to observe the steady growth of our educational institutions and up gradation of the same up to college level. With this up gradation, the education would now be extended up to 12th grade in consonance with the international standard and the requisite facilities are under way.

I am glad to declare that suitable steps are being taken to create a center of attention for some of the donor agencies to support in order to achieve the desired goals. Associated with educational facilities, teacher training centers, computer and multipurpose community centers for women are being established and I hope that extension of these facilities would serve as a catalyst for the change process.

It is a point of specific concern to guarantee that all participants must have the potential to achieve the commitment. Education is empowering. It strengthens individuals, families and communities, AEWS strongly believes that working to improve education is one of the best investments we can contribute to overcome poverty. AEWS seek to ensure access to education, even in the most difficult circumstances and from the most vulnerable groups.

Education has such a profound impact on the future of both the child and the society. AEWS has made it a priority for the entire organization in helping individuals and communities reach their full potential. AEWS hopes to tackle these obstacles through a variety of strategic approaches.

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